Hey folks! We just played the last concert for a while. Thanks to all the people that showed up, and made it a very nice evening, especially the infamous Phabman. Next show will be on february 24th with Asschapel in Frankfurt. After that, we'll be heading towards the studio to record the follow-up to "Club of the Sons". It'll be quite different from our debut. Maybe there will be some songs online for download, since we are in the middle of recording a demo to get prepared for the studio-work.

What else....? Hanna moved to the GDR, i.e. we are being infiltrated by three StaSi-agents right now. So watch out at our concerts! And don't trust the most silly looking three people on stage. Even if they seem to be nice, they work for the enemy!

Oh, there are some new photos from our shows in Berlin and Goettingen online.


Finally I'm able to update this site frequently! As if anybody cares, whatever... Our last show with the infamous Phabman in December was really one of the best we ever played. Julith Krishun and The Tangled Lines we're great and we had a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone, especially Fabian for making it a memorable night.

There has been some other major change for us, 'cause Hanna moved to Hamburg, which makes rehearsal and trips to our shows kinda difficult. So you'll have to wait even longer for our next release. Stop wining, fucker!!

What else? The shows-section is updated, there are some new photos, and this crappy picture of Roberto Blanco wearing our shirt is finally working now. Amazing, init?


Building this site is killing me!!! Whatever, if you are registered @ you can get news and other stuff from our site there, too (go to the links section).

So the latest news....Fabian will leave the band soon, so Goettingen will be his last show. Our friend Olli, who already played a couple of shows with us last year, will join the band. Thanks to Fabian for the great time and a warm welcome to Olli!